For The Life of Him

The Cast of "For the Life of Him" (Credit: Elaine Siegel)
The Cast of “For the Life of Him”
(Credit: Elaine Siegel)

For the Life of Him

by David Finkle

Directed by Eric van Baars*+

and featuring: Curt Arnold, Dana Hart*, Jacqi Loewy*, Brian Marshall*, Michael Mclntosh*, Tracee Patterson*, and Tom Woodward*

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2013 at 2:00 p.m.

2340 Lee Road, Cleveland Heights

Writer/biographer Daniel Freund wants to make literary icon Harris Persky (Pearlstein and Son, Day of Rest, Rifka Remembers When) his next subject. But he hasn’t bargained for the complexities of getting a living person between hardcovers. Over the course of four years, he

"For the Life of Him" (Credit: Elaine Siegel)
“For the Life of Him”
(Credit: Elaine Siegel)

will grapple not only with the irascible and not entirely cooperative Persky, but also with Persky’s closest associates: his ex-wife, two sons and sister and his boyfriend. Turns out, delving into another’s life can mean becoming inexorably involved with it and finding there’s more to the story.

DAVID FINKLE writes about the arts and has for some time. Among the outlets for which he’s covered theater, books, movies, dance and art: The New York Times, The New York Post, Vogue, The New Yorker and The Nation. For many years, he was chief drama critic at He is a member of the New York Drama Critics Circle. His first book of short stories, People Tell Me Things, was published in 2012 and is available through David Finkle will attend the reading and be part of an audience talk-back with local playwright/theatre critic Christine Howey.

*Member, AEA, +Member, SDC Stage Directors and Choreographers