Info for Playwrights

Playwright queries for Interplay readings:

Please note our mission: to produce works that view the contemporary world through a Jewish lens. This allows a lot of latitude, but it also means that we’re not producing plays on historical subjects. We are looking for finished works, rather than scripts still in development.

Playwright queries for Interplay collaborations at the Maltz Museum:

The museum explores many themes beyond the Jewish experience. Its mission: “to introduce visitors to the beauty and diversity of [the Jewish] heritage in the context of the American experience. It promotes an understanding of Jewish history, religion and culture and builds bridges of appreciation, tolerance and understanding with those of other religions, races, cultures and ethnic backgrounds, serving as an educational resource for Northeast Ohio’s Jewish and general communities.” This covers an enormous range of subject matter as the programs are designed to explore the themes of a specific museum exhibit, commemorate an anniversary of an historical event, or simply provide entertainment.

If you have a script you would like considered for either venue, please send QUERY ONLY to Introduce yourself and briefly describe your work, with a synopsis and a link to your website. We’ll call if we want to read the full script.