The Dogs of Pripyat

The Dogs of Pripyat
The Dogs of Pripyat

The Dogs of Pripyat

by Leah Napolin

Directed by Martin Friedman

Sunday, November 4, at 2:00 p.m.

Hosted by Lakeland Community College
7700 Clocktower Drive, Building D, Kirtland


The cast: John Busser, Liz Conway, Amiee Collier, Aaron Elersich, Mitchell Fields*, Carly Germany*, Trey Gilpin, Stuart Hoffman, Jeremy Jenkins, Annie Kitral*, Diane Mull, and Daniel Simpson

THE DOGS OF PRIPYAT is an adult fable that explores one consequence of the nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl in 1986. Residents in nearby towns (the Exclusion Zone) were forced to evacuate – but they had to leave their pets behind. This is a story about bonding and survival – and a groundbreaking parable for our time.

Leah Napolin is best-known for her play YENTL, her adaptation of a short story by Isaac Bashevis Singer that ran for a season on Broadway in 1975 and was subsequently made into a movie by Barbra Streisand. Other works for the stage include: LOST ISLAND, TRASH AND TREASURES and ARISTOPHANES’ RETREAT. THE DOGS OF PRIPYAT was her exploration of what might have happened to the animals who were forced to deal with the aftermath of radiation poisoning. They did, in fact, survive.

DOGS won the prestigious John Gassner Memorial Playwriting Award and has been adapted for the musical theatre.

Cast of "The Dogs of Pripyat"
Cast of “The Dogs of Pripyat”
(Credit: Elaine Siegel)