The Owl Girl

The Owl Girl
The Owl Girl

The Owl Girl

by Monica Raymond

Directed by Fred Sternfeld


Tess Burgler, Terry Burgler*
Holly Holsinger, Matt O’Shea, Laura Perrotta*, Kyle Primous*, Li Stebner,
Ryan Vincent, and Jimmy Woody

SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2013, 2 p.m. (EDT)

Cleveland Public Theatre, in the James Levin Theatre
6415 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH

Two families in an unnamed Middle Eastern Country both have keys to the same house. What happens when they try to live in it together? The fathers play historical chess; the mothers cook together, even though one uses mint and the other dill; the lovers dare to imagine a future; and war mad children play doctor and murder. But when one girl’s dreams of flight are (literally) shot down, the betrayals and realignments which follow make us question our very definition of peace. The playwright will lead the post-show discussion.

Cast of "The Owl Girl"
Cast of “The Owl Girl”
(Credit: Elaine Siegel)